Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2014 Quilts of Valor

Oh boy - are you in for a Quilty treat today!! These Quilts of Valor are so amazing. I have added a TON of them to my bucket list... seriously - I will live to be 150 to get all of my bucket list done!

The first SIX quilts from today come from Sue E in Arizona. Sue has such a great quilt taste!! I love the colors she uses, along with the blocks -  they really have a great WOW factor!!

 Seriously  - those crumb blocks.....  I LOVE them!!!

 This one below - is also on my list - isn't it cool!!

The next two were pieced by Carolyn M and Quilted by April W in Iowa!!
 Aren't they fabulous?  These two make a GREAT team!!

And!!!!  Suzanne in Colorado - she is a star Quilt of Valor'er  ( new word - I just made it up!)  We had a request for a QOV, and they really really really wanted it presented when one of the sons was home. Suzanne stepped in and got it done for us!! I so appreciate her willingness to be flexible - and making this presentation !!

Happy Wednesday!!!


scraphappy said...

So many pretty quilts.

Pat R said...

QOV quilt shows are always amazing and inspiring....and this week is no exception! Good job, everyone!

Terri said...

All beauties there, Alycia. It's the love behind them showing through the fabric. Thanks for the show!

Missy Shay said...

That last quilt is so neat the way it looks like a winding ribbon!

Kate said...

More beautiful quilts! The QOV's are always amazing.

Karen said...

Very pretty quilts. They are definately an inspiration.

Tami C said...

All they quilts are just beautiful! It is so wonderful of these quilters to put so much love into the quilts they make for our vets. Thank you!

Kevin the Quilter said...

Wonderful eye candy and inspiration for us to make more QOV's!