Wednesday, December 19, 2012

QOV Show

Good Morning!!  Are you all ready for this weeks online Quilt of Valor show?

I have a little story to tell... especially about this quilt ( below)

This quilt was made by Judy V in Thornton ( or as I like to say - Broomfield). I got a call the other day about a specific lady veteran who was struggling. I won't tell you a lot - that's not right - but I will tell you that I LOVE that they know where to find us!!

I met her for lunch. I sort of walked in with this specific quilt tucked under my arm, and sat down with her. We talked for a while, and then I decided it was time to present her with this quilt.

It never ceases to amaze me how the right quilt finds the right owner. As I talked thru my little spiel, and unfurled this quilt, she was amazed. They are her FAVORITE COLORS!!! Don't you love it!! 

Not to be forgotten - these other three Quilts of Valor are made by Judy too! This makes 12 in 2012 for Judy V!! Way to Go Judy!!

 Anyone recognize this one? ( below)  Here is the pattern- isn't hers wonderful??

Judy found this one on Moda Bake Shop - Hopefully she will comment and remind me of the pattern name...... I will admit - I forgot....

Thanks Judy for your wonderful quilts!!

These next two beauties come from San Marcos TX !!  Charlene made these and they are lovely!!

I think these were both Mystery Quilt patterns ran my MysteryQuilts4Military @ - They run great Mysteries over there!!

Thank you Charlene for these beautiful Quilts!!! They will be treasured!!

This Great Strippy Quilt comes from Marilyn in MO - I love the little pieces in between the longer strips - great idea!!

This next beauty was made by Norece. I think I am in love!  isn't this just beautiful. As a matter of fact - it is on my sewing table right smack now, getting it's label put on it. Veterans need to know that Norece made this one - and LABELING  is Very Very Very important!!

The next four quilts were made by Sue E in Arizona. She is like the master AccuQuilt Go cutter person and makes the coolest quilts. I think this one is the Blue Ridge Beauty pattern from - and they were scraps she cut using the go cutter!!

This one is a MysteryQuilts4Military quilt pattern too - great huh!!

I believe this one is Marjorie Busby's QOV Pattern ( Sue if I have them backwards let me know!!!)

And this last one is one that Sue designed in EQ7 and used her go cutter for it.

And the last picture for today - Blocks!!! From Barb in NJ!!! I love these blocks!!!
Hope you all enjoyed today's show. I know it is a busy time of year, but I sure appreciate your time!! Have a great day!!!

PS - the Winner of The Magazinesis Marilyn at North Hills Quilter!!


Judy V. from Thornton, CO, said...

Good morning, fellow early bird! Oh, the friend who gave me this fabric will be so happy to hear how the lady veteran liked the colors of the first quilt on this post! The last quilt is called Avignon Picnic by Moda Bake Shop. the pattern can be downloaded for free. It REALLY has been a privilege to make QOVs for our veterans.

Missy Shay said...

What great quilts, I am getting all kinds of ideas for my church's prayer quilt ministry!

Kat Scribner said...

Thanks for sharing another beautiful story. It inspires the heart.

Sue in Scottsdale, AZ said...

Alycia, the last two pictures are the quilt made from the pattern by Marjorie Busby's called "Split Star". It was so fun to make because the pieces are fairly large - a 12" finished square. The blue and beige quilt with the red inner border is just one I drew up in EQ7. I love using my triangle in a square die to make this star (can also use the Tri-Recs tool) so I play with layouts where I can use it! These quilts make my total for the year hit 13 QOVs sent to you. I have already started on my QOVs for 2013.

Norece said...

Thanks for sharing all these quilts that are so lovingly made for our heros. Great inspiration for all of us. I really like the split star quilt and will be making one of those. Have a wonderful Christmas.

Kevin the Quilter said...

Standing Ovation! Great inspiration both visually, and through thought!

LizA. said...

Awww, thanx for sharing that wonderful story. Just warms my heart to hear those kinds of stories. Great eye candy this morning--some great ideas for more quilts to put on my must do.

Nancy said...

Beautiful quilts with LOTS of inspiration.

Pat R said...

As usual, absolutely beautiful quilts!! It never ceases to amaze me they beautiful quilts made for QOV....and.....I'm way behind, so I better get busy!!

sao said...

These quilts are stunning. Thanks for sharing. Bless you for what you are doing!

sao in Midltohian, VA

lisa0116 said...

Oh my gosh! Wonderful quilts and what a touching story at the beginning..brought me to tears. I can not believe the show today..lot of patterns I have not seen.

Lisa in Georgia

phxquilt said...

Another stellar show Alycia! I've made that split star quilt and it is so lovely when you see it. Your friends inspire us all.

Marilyn said...

The quilts are wonderful. Love the shows you do for all of us.
They are so inspiring. Lifts my spirits to see all the patterns and know how happy somebody will be when they receive one.

Tawny said...

So excited to see these! Going to make Sue from AZ's "Split Star", found the website and instructions, perfect for the Quilts of Valor New Year's Day Sit and Sew challenge. Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Love the Avignon Picnic by Moda Bake Shop.