Thursday, August 16, 2012

Super Secret End of Summer Project

Fabric Requirements  have been posted..... Hope you will follow along...

I have had quite a few questions about the fabrics. I used solids from Sew Batik. They are yummy and wonderful to work with, I gave you the names of the fabrics so you can order those from Sew Batik if you would like... they are all stocked up and very aware of our project!

Question 1:  Can this be Scrappy?
Answer:   Of course, I would try to keep the scraps as close to the same values as possible for the best effect. On the Cream - I would try to keep it as solid as possible. You'll understand why - I promise

Question 2:  Are Prints okay?

Answer: Yes - I would tend to use smallish prints though, and again try to stay as solid *reading* on the cream color as possible.

Question 3:   Do I have to pay to join this mystery?

Answer : NO - Each step will be posted on Wednesday on the Craftsy blog, I will post a link here on a post and on the Free Quilt Pattern page on this blog  Here

That has been the majority of the questions so far , I kind of combined some.... hope that helps.


Ruth Ann said...

Sounds great! I will try to do this. Bookmarked the craftsy site.

I'm impressed at the number of QOV quilts that you are able to distribute.

Kate said...

Obviously I'm behind the times and need to check out the older posts.

Sandy Rizzo said...

Please can you describe the difficulty level of this project?