Sunday, May 06, 2012

Questions Answered

Oh I Love it!! there are a few questions about this post - I am truly happy to answer them - and you know why?  I know the answers LOL

Question 1:

Ok. 2 questions. Do you make up the labels ahead of time or do you purchase them? And is the pillowcase just a standard size pillowcase that you sew to accompany the quilt?

**This (upside down - I have rotated it and it still goes upside down)  Is the Label that I had made up. We can fold it in half and stitch it into the binding - or leave it open and write on the blank if we want.... When we were doing the 700 quilts I was a little worried about labeling them - so I did this at   . There are also labels available thru the QOV shop at, or you can make your own - 

** Pillowcases - here is a cool pattern at Vicki Welsh's blog

Question 2:
I have a question too. What information goes in the journal that goes with the quilt?

I made a basic journal that tells a little about how a quilt is made, it tells them what a QOV is - and that we want them to feel the hugs and love as the use the quilt. It is 2 pages, and pretty simple - but at least they know that there is a lot of work and love that goes into these quilts, and that MANY people wish to say Thank you!!

Question 3
I'm curious as to what form the journal takes, is it a book?

The one I use is a 2 page print out on 8 x 11 paper, and then it is easy to pin to the quilt. I have found that if they aren't attached to the quilt somehow, as the recipient opens the quilt, they fall to the ground....

Hope that answers the questions so far - come back next Sunday for more - " A day in the Life of a QOV"  there are a lot of different ways that I see them ;-)


jillquilts said...

I love it when questions are asked that I can answer. :)

Love the labels that you had made up!

Sherrill said...

What's the minimum size for a QOV, Alycia? Thanks for all you do!