Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I went to wake my son up for school and I found an interesting sign on his door.

The funny thing is, when I tucked him in at night I only used one quilt. Somehow in the middle of the night he added ALL his Quilts and blankets and his swim parka.

Apparently he was serious about this hibernation thing. So I asked him about it, because , yes I did make him GET up!!  He explained that bears hibernate for the winter, and they get to eat a lot of food before they hibernate. Then their systems start to slow down to prepare them for hibernation. ( this proves that he was listening and not staring into space!)

The food and sleep thing sounded kind of good to him, so he thought he would get in on that action!

On the Quilty Side - Does anyone recognize this Quilting pattern? Another quilter would like to use it for QOV's but I can't seem to know where it came from.


Tamera said...

I LOVE it! It's so great when you realize they're listening, lol. It's kind of like they have to put that new knowledge into their lives sometimes...try it out so they remember it always. I LOVE teaching my kids! :-)

Beth said...

I FOUND it! Go to www.annebright.com and search for American Heroes. It comes in a paper and digital pantos. I'm so excited I found this! I hit the scavenger hunt jackpot!