Monday, July 20, 2009

Taking a Breath

Today is our day to catch up. We are in all sorts of spots on our fair quilts, our show horses, our archery competitions, and swim meets..... But we press on - the deadlines are looming!
First - we finished the conference Swim Meet - that was the bigger one with lots of teams competiting. It is a 2 day meet. The two youngest goombahs swam Friday. Which worked out great, because middle son had an archery competition Saturday. He won a bow rack - he was really excited. Came home and set it up immediately.
Goombah number one swam on Saturday. Note the wingspan on that kid!! He had a good meet.

And he finished up early enough that we were able to hustle to the archery competition. He made it up as the last 4 shooters were going - pure luck on our part. Lucky guy won his division for compound traditional bows. Now he gets to go to State.
Next we had another riding/ halter class practice. We ( and by we - I mean they) are getting the horses to stand up nicely and square. And to not run the kids over.
After all that hard work they goofed off a bit in the arena... while little bit and I headed in to start quilting his quilt that is due on Friday. Nothing like waiting till the last minute huh?
So after swim practice this morning - we headed home quickly to start finishing up the rest of the "stuff" The Quilts, The Record Books, The laundry ( just had to throw that in there).

It is break time now - they are snacking, I am catching up on my blog...
Hope you all have a good one!


Vicki W said...

Smart Mom, you don't let them rest for a minute!

LizA. said...

Do you EVER get to rest? Wow! What a schedule. And, I couldn't help but notice, not one, but two in braces at the same time?!? Ouch.

Lori in South Dakota said...

good luck with the horses, I remember those days! And the record books, not so good!

Anonymous said...

Wow you guys are busy! I thought I was busy and not haveing time to blog....LOL. Nothing like customer deadlines to keep you chained to the machine...LOL

Hope things go well for you all!