Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Favorite Things

Besides me having an obsession with quilts and fabrics - planes are the next thing. But not just any plane you know - the ones that fly real real fast. And that no one will let me fly. I keep telling my kids that they have to go to the Air Force and learn to fly these jets and then convince the instructors to let me in one... think it would work?
The Thunderbirds came to Cheyenne - so we headed up. I did not realize that they have been coming for 11 years - which means we haven't missed a show yet....
And with my little digital camera I am taking way to many pictures - bit thought these turned out okay.
Yesterday was also our biggest fair day. We had horse shows in the morning. Then in the afternoon we turned in our projects, record books and had interviews. The Quilt judge was extremely thorough and seemed to ask a lot of questions. I was trying to eavesdrop - as it is one on one with the kids. Hard to eavesdrop with 14,000 screaming 4 -H'ers and there siblings in a metal roofed building!!
She asked them a lot about the making of the quilt. And by her hand gestures I could see that she thought the boys had quilted the quilts on the regular sewing machine, and by their hand gestures I could see them explaining the LA machine. Then they finally showed her the pictures in the book to prove it. It was quite cute. She was a very nice judge and came to talk to me when they were done.

They forgot to put captions on their pictures - oops. But just to prove that the boys did use the LA - I will share their pictures with you too!

I am working on another SEW ALONG Quilt of Valor project. I got permission from the author of the pattern to bring it to you step by step - right here on my little blog. I am really excited - because she is a nationally known quilter. So we will start this sew along on Friday with the cutting instructions. That way you can work over the weekend ( grin!!)
And just so you know - it would be another great way to use up some of your scraps!
Have a great day!


Denise V said...

can't wait for the upcoming project!

I just finished the binding on my NSTS2. My plan is to make some more QOVs and send them to you in one shipment. Or bring them personally so I can ya for a bit! :)

Can you believe how fast this summer is going????

Paula, the quilter said...

Weld County Fair? I was asked to be a 4H judge for the Larimer Fair. I had to decline but I really would like to do it some day. Good for your boys.

Nancy said...

I love the Thunderbirds, too: seeing them fly overhead makes me proud to be an American.

Hopefully, I can join your QOV sew-along

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun, Alycia! Both the fair and the quilt along!