Thursday, May 08, 2008

Its Beth Day!!

These Two quilts are from Beth in AZ - They are so cool! The first is a bargello quilt - I think it was made from Bonnies pattern on . I am testing my memory as I am sure she told me that - but if I am wrong - please forgive me. The other one is a cool 4patch quilt. I am sure I know the name - and it will come to me at 2 in the morning, so I promise not to bother you then. Aren't these awesome!
It is the night before our delivery - and I am trying to make sure I have not forgotten anything. I have taken two loads of quilts in to school, so we can walk them right out to the bus, and my hubby is going to help me load the rest in my trunk tonite.
In Total there are 48 quilts, Three are ones that I made for them just to have on hand - so all the rest will be delivered!! I even have a picture of them all bagged up in my front room, but it is still in my camera - which is in my bag for tomorrow. I am afraid I will forget something - so I already packed!
My kids are almost done with school, and I think they have summer fever. No one wants to finish homework, no one wants to go to bed before it is dark, No one really wants to go to school. I think I understand... but I am tired of pushing them. (Stinkers)
Hope you all have a good evening!


Helen in the UK said...

More great quilts!! Hope you have a BRILLIANT day delivering all these fabulous quilts. You've worked hard ... enjoy :)

swooze said...

Nice quilts. The second one has such an unusual pattern. You really are getting lot's of nice pieces for QOV.