Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spelling Bee and more

My oh my - I was feeling so caught up. And of course it was spring break so that might have had something to do with it.... but in reality - I'm not!

The Saturday before easter my oldest son competed in the state spelling bee - the words were outrageously difficult. ( see how I threw a toughie in there of my own) ? But I am extremely proud of him for getting that far and for really studying hard. Of course the highlight of the trip to Denver was to visit the Cheesecake factory... we all skipped the food and went straight for the dessert! See we are ALL smart ;-)

Sunday was Easter and we were at my moms, and then Monday came! We hit the ground running... and the next thing I know it is Thursday!

Quilts of Valor:

On the Quilt of Valor front - wow! I have been getting some more emails from ladies who are going to send me quilts! I can't wait and as soon as they are quilted I WILL defineatly put them here for you all to ohh and awe over.

I got another QOV from Kim B in the mail. She quilted a Big Quilt for us - and it is gorgeous. I have a close up of the quilting. If you want to see the big quilt in total before quilting it is here:
Our count in growing!
Hope you all have a great day - I had better get back to quilting!

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Gina said...

Congratulations to your son for getting as far as he did.

love and hugs xxx