Sunday, March 30, 2008

Solid Rock Cafe

My oldest two sons were in a play called the Solid Rock Cafe - very Happy Days Themed. It was a lot of practice, and this last week was 3 solid nights of practice and the performance was Friday nite.

It was a great show. My 9 year old was just adorable. My 12 yo was very studly *grin* and they both did such a good job. I am surprised at how much taller my 9yo is than the other 9yolds - hmmm maybe this explains why I can't keep him in long enough pants!
After the play we all went out to Culvers for ice cream and got home around 10:30pm. All the boys were hyped up - but they were pretty good.
Of course it is easy to keep them humble around here. Saturday morning found them unloading hay into the hay sheds.... no glory there!
Have a great Quilty day!

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Lynn E said...

Yes your son stands up out in the crowd.