Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Winter Quilt A long HOUR TWO

Welcome to Hour TWO of the WINTER QUILT A LONG

Now... just a preface - this is an hour of My stitching... you may be ( and most likely are) faster, or you may only have 10 minutes at a time... but it will get done and you will relax.... and feel the stress of the day go away.... ( okay that works for me!)  

and ps - Please read this a few times before trying to tell me there is a mistake... Yes - I know we all make them, but I do try to read and re-read and so far.... ( knock on wood) no mistakes ... but you all did make my heart rate go up... that counts as my exercise right?

Winter Quilt a Long Hour 2

*You have a Light - 7 inch square pile and a Navy -  7 In Square pile left – there should be 32 squares in each pile…( we cut them in hour one)
*You will continue stitching Half squares –

*Pair a 7 inch light with a 7 Inch Navy

*Draw a line diagonally in the center of one of the pieces –

*Stitch ¼ inch on either side of the line

*Slice on the line

*Press – & Voila – you should have 64 more 6 ½ inch Half Square Blocks ( in addition to Hour1)

And that took me an hour…. 

Ps – someone asked the size of the quilt – 60 x 72 ish

Here is a link to the PDF file  Winter QAL hour 2 PDF


The Joyful Quilter said...

Thanks for another quick clue!!

Florence said...

found my red, and will find other two colors tomorrow, got my big xmas harry potter quilt done, yeaaaa, time to relax and have fun with this,,,,,,Happy Sewing all

Kate said...

Thanks for a fun and mindless clue to help deal with the all the pre-holiday stress.