Sunday, October 15, 2017

The Prairie

You ever get that calling to see more wide open spaces?  I got it - and I went - and wow - what spectacular beauty!!

Isn't this a view you would love to see as you are driving?   FYI - there was absolutely NO one around, so it was safe to stop right smack in the middle of the road!

Windmills were everywhere 
I love windmills
at least the old fashioned ones

The Prairie View

I accidentally got in the middle of an antelope group
Not a herd I decided - because they were calling to each other
and I think this boy was flirting with the girls
and the girls kept running away

( PS - I was at a great distance from them, they just surprised me)

You all know my fondness for light and Black and Whites right?
I took a while to compose this one
knowing full well I wanted it in B&W

Another Cool Windmill

and look
Another Windmill
But what a view right?
I think I would enjoy ranching here on days like this
Not sure how the winter would be tho.

So I am driving away from my day on the prairie
and I see this!
It was the entrance to a road that led to a house that had even more mean crazy stuff on it
and a TON of keep out, private, Trespassers will be shot , etc Signs
Needless to say - I snapped the photo
From the safety of my car - and moved on!!

My momma didn't raise a fool!

What a gorgeous day though - and so refreshing to the spirit

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Libby in TN said...

That may be the only thing I miss abut Kansas! BTW, be sure to check out my finish to Big Star Country.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Glorious indeed and I would have kept moving from that last photo's property, too! Love the refreshing to the spirit thought.

Ranch Wife said...

Looks like it was a pretty day and you got some great shots! It's always a good day when you get to spend some of it behind the camera, right? :) No creepy red eyed skulls here...just apple pie!

Tom said...

...what gorgeous country, since I have always lived in 'green county' this would take a bit of getting use to! Great to hear that you momma didn't raise a fool. Thanks so much for stopping by, let's do it again.

A Colorful World said...

I always loved seeing scenery like this in Texas and trying to get some good photos. Yours are wonderful. Really love the B&W's!

kupton52 said...

Living most of my life in the mountains of West Virginia makes a prairie look like something from another planet to me----but a beautiful planet at that! I love your photography....always happy when your post is full of them. (What was up with that skeleton......makes me re-think "good neighbors make good fences"

Al said...

A great set of scenery - I saw antelope driving home from the grocery store this morning.

Julie said...

Great photos! We happen to own a windmill, put up by my husband's family in the 30's. We refurbished the wooden tower and although it doesn't pump water anymore, it turns nicely! Yikes on the fencepost!

Gypsy Quilter said...

Beautiful photos. Really love the black and white windmill.

molly said...

Fabulous shot looking along that road into the blue sky


Photo Cache said...

I always get the call of the wild. In our case, it's the backroads and what that means is we go to Napa Valley. Unfortunately it's burning right now.

Worth a Thousand Words

Nelsie (NilC) said...

it's scenic and beautiful! lovely place.

Felicia said...

you captured some beautiful scenes. i like the b&w windmill.

Kate said...

You got some great shots. I really like the black and white.

Angie said...

Prairies have such an eerie beauty all their own - as reinforced by the skeleton on the fence! I will have to try black and white - not something I have done to date. Lovely shots, every one!