Monday, May 29, 2017


While I know that Memorial Day is the day for Remembering our Fallen, I will never miss an opportunity to Thank a living Veteran.... and what an experience both this Veteran and myself had....

In Ft Collins on Memorial Day Weekend the Realities Ride for Children occurs. It  is a huge fundraiser for over 30 Children's Charities, and they also honor and Remember our Veterans.

I was invited to come be a participant this year as a Representative of Quilts of Valor, and we decided that it would not only be good to talk about what QOV is, but to let the crowd see a presentation.... and did these people make us (The Vet and myself) feel like Rock Stars!!

They had us up on Stage - so as I am talking about Quilts of Valor, 
my husband and a Friend ( another Veteran as well)
held the quilt up so the whole audience could see it

Usually I get a little nervous in front of that many people
( I can hide it well - but stage fright is so real)
This time the lights were so bright to illuminate us
the people were just faceless shadows... that was SO easy to talk to!!

Then the President of Realities For Children
Introduced our Veteran
He was a Navy Corpsman in Vietnam
he was a part of the Hill Fights of Khe Sahn
( Go google it.... it;s ok - I'll wait)

Here were are (Above) 
wrapping him in his quilt as the Audience is going wild - and the little grin on his face
Oh! My ! Stars! you all - was totally priceless!!

I'm back there  - I promise 
I can see my feet

I read the Commendation from Quilts of Valor to him
And Welcomed him home

He then took the mike
and as he is also well award of the meaning of Memorial day
he brought us all to tears

 He not only expressed his appreciation
He accepted this Quilt on Behalf of his Fallen Brothers who did not make it home
and on Behalf of those Brothers who did, but were not treated well

I know this is blurry
But I hope you can see his Smile
It was just the best night !!

and as soon as we were finished
the Color Guard came and presented the color
and an Air Force Airman sang the National Anthem

And a HUGE fireworks display was set off


PS!! Don't forget Wednesday there will be a link up for all of you to share your QOV projects too!!!


Jan @Cocoa Quilts said...

Thanks for sharing this presentation. It thrills me each time I see a vet get their recognition.

thanks again.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Thank you for sharing this today -- to you and all those who stitch for QOV, our veterans DO appreciate it!

Sue in Scottsdale, AZ said...

I am so glad you were invited to do this. I got a little teary eyed as I was reading about how this Vet accepted his quilt. What a wonderful gesture on his part and especially on you.

Phyllis said...

Thanks for sharing. Tears are flowing. So happy to be able to make quilts for our Vets. Love doing it.

Andrea said...

Oh gosh, I've got tears in my eyes. Such a beautiful recounting of the event. Sure is a memory to treasure and a great validation that what we do does mean something. Those big tough men need hugs just like the rest of us. God bless.

Tami C said...

What a wonderful presentation and very touching acceptance. I'm sure there had to be many tears by those there just like your readers!

WeedyMama said...

Three hankie.

I was just thinking I never made the veteran in my life a QOV. But, in a way I did. Quilting began it's revival in 1976, and I made him a RWB quilt for our Bicentennial. He laughed ... because it was too short.

Sherrill said...

What is the commendation? I don't think we did that yesterday when we presented a QOV to one of our Sunday School class members (but it DID have one of the labels you sent).

Mego said...

THANKS for all your sharing and sewing and sniffling! THIS is what Memorial Day is all about!

Snowcatcher said...

This was so amazing! Thank you for sharing it. What a perfect way for me to finish of my Memorial Day. Now I'm even more anxious to get my quilt to you. I just have to make a pillow case for it...

Kate said...

What a great way to remember Memorial Day.