Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Wed Quilt of Valor Show

I am thinking if I could ride horses and quilt all day long I would just be the happiest camper in the world.... so I shall give up the laundry and cooking - okay??

Check out these beauties!!

This one was made by Marilyn W in Greeley, and Quilted by Crystal J of Platteville CO

Pretty setting huh?

The next one was made by Lydia P and quilted by Laura F of NaLas Quilt Shoppe in Fountain CO

I tried to get some close ups that showed the quilting - Laura did a fantabulous job on this quilt - it is amazing custom work!!

 The feathers are seriously to die for!!

 Laura has 2 little muchkins following in her footsteps!
This quilt was made by Connie and Kathy and her 12 year old daughter quilted it!!!

This one was again made by Connie and Kathy and quilted by Laura's other munchkin - who is eleven years old. They wrote the cutest cards to go with them - I was just tickled!!

The last quilt for today was made by Shiela B in Greeley - it was from a mystery pattern over on MysteryQuilts4Military - a yahoo group - and written by Judy L ( 
 It was quilted by Mary Ann if in Colorado Springs.

Enjoy your day!!


Quilting from Robin's Nest said...

I am thinking that at least part of each week you should allow your boys the opportunity to do the cooking and laundry. They seem to enjoy a wide variety of activities, so how about trying a little "Tom Sawyer" on them. Maybe you can suck them in? hehe

Nancy said...

Another collection of beautiful quilts. Thanks for posting photos.

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Always love seeing the quilts.
As far as I'm concerned you can give up laundry & cooking...though your family might object. :) I'd like to give up housework entirely.

Impera_Magna said...

Love the quilts... amazing that 11 and 12 year olds are quilting like that!

I think your menfolk should be helping with the housework... their wives will thank you...


phxquilt said...

Smashingly beautiful quilts...and quilting! My kids were reminded that they would not always live in my house and they would need these skills to survive. Also used cooking to teach my son math & reading. Both methods seemed to have worked. Son is great cook & daughter can fix a toilet with the best of them. Keep at it Mom.