Thursday, June 28, 2018

Wandering Camera

Over at Whims and Fancies - there is a hosting called Wandering Camera .. I loved this last year when Soma hosted it - and thought - I will join in again.... using.... My Cell Phone!!

and so.... here is my version of June's Wandering Camera...hope you have a cup of coffee

Or if you are me... a glass of ICE WATER!!!

This is from my deck - watching storms move our way. I love the Panoramic feature of my phone!

On some of our many trips to Denver
This hay bale gets decorated every so often
Cookie Monster is my favorite!

Down in Denver on the Metro State University Campus
they re purposed some old buildings 
I thought this one was cool

Out in my pasture
This Fence brace really isn't needed anymore
but I like the way it looks so I won't let them take it down
Someday! I am going to take my quilts there on days like this

This was watching a storm come over my house
It was freaky

Oh Look - my crooked house
So there is something to remember about taking a Panoramic photo
Don't shake!! go slow and quit moving funny
But you get the gist!

Three of my buddies
I fondly call them my Chocolates
They don't get it

We were coming home from a trip and just got so lucky
to catch this. I loved the look of the sun setting and the clouds with the train

And you know - 
My Fire
Just cuz - this is a cell phone photo!!!

At a roping
We roped and watched this storm come in
The last roper went just as it started to rain
Perfect timing right?

I was asked to take photos of a family
and they took me to their ranch

I really didn't want to leave
and I do want to go back!

Well I wandered a few more spots but these were the most interesting


Judy V in Thornton CO said...

Your photographs are very stunning and so real!

Jo said...

You really did get some cool photos

Ranch Wife said...

Love seeing the world through the lens of your camera! Your a shutter bug! I know that to be true, because I'm one too!

Annmarie Tegen said...

Awesome photos. Thanks for sharing!

Sue Edberg said...

Fantastic pictures. Thanks for posting them. I really enjoyed viewing them.

Nancy said...

Your photos give me an idea of what it's like where you live. I love taking photos of clouds, but on the open range you get a wider view of those clouds than those of us in the cities or surrounded by forests.

Carlie Nichols said...

Awesome pictures. I've never been to your part of the country--but now I have. Thanks so much. Carlie

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

The cloud above your house makes for an Amazing photo! Wowie! I bet you get many great pictures from where you live.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Super cool images!

WeedyMama said...

The vastness of your space.......truly stunning. I wonder if you would feel closed in where I live (no, not a city).

Keep clicking that shutter. I like your point of view.

Kim said...

Gorgeous photos, especially those of the skies in all guises! Such an awesome photo of the ranch. The reflection in the water is amazing!

Preeti said...

Love your pictures!!! Oh, I see - Dark, Milk and White Chocolate. I totally get it :-)

Lynne Stucke said...

Just. WOW!

Kate said...


Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Lovely photos.

Soma @ said...

Your photos prove that you don't need a pro camera to take amazing photos. Love them all. The Cookie Monster definitely made me smile and I would love to have one your summer storms around here. If you remember from before that I am so incredibly jealous of you for having horses :) So, needless to say that I specially love the one of your three Chololated :)

Thanks so much for linking up on Wandering Camera.


Gale said...

That train picture, with the clouds...oh my word! How incredible is that!

Su-sieee! Mac said...

That would be a cool photo of your quilts on that fence in the middle of seemingly no where. The idea reminds me of something the artist Christo would do. Stunning is the perfect word to describe your photos.