Monday, March 21, 2016

Pink and Blue is on the wall!

My leader ender project is growing on the wall - I am thinking I may just focus on it for a bit and get the thing finished.....

That's it over on the right side.....   I have plans for the holes
I promise -
But since I always change my mind a gazillion times -
I am not going to tell you what it is until it is stitched!
Yep - that's the way I roll

On the left side is the March Scrappy BOM
You can find the free pattern here:

It's growing too
( PS - those are Ty Pennington fabrics- remember him?)

In one of my other photo groups we studied Bounce Lighting
It's a pretty cool idea, and if you don't blind your subject first
The photos turn out very well lighted

middle bit was my model for this technique.
He is a good sport - but! 
If he is not nice to me.... I now have some really bad photos with which to blackmail him.
I used the reflector once and when he opened his eyes - he squinted so bad - it almost brought tears to his eyes...... 

He said he will be nice to me always ( ha ha)

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Beth @ Cooking Up Quilts said...

How lucky are you to have such a great photography subject! The coloring in your photo is so interesting. I love how the skin tone plays against the background. You are doing some great work! Thanks for linking to MCM.

Lisa J. said...

I love that pink scrappiness. It looks so happy.

TheEclecticAbuela said...

I, too, change my mind about layout--the finish is always a surprise!

Lara B. said...

LOL - I do remember Ty Pennington! That show always made me cry.
Neat leader and ender projects Alycia! Very interesting photography effect too.

Susan said...

Leaders and enders project is looking good! Seems like we roll the same way - won't really know what the final piece will look like until we play with it for awhile.
Susan @ quiltfabrication