Tuesday, January 05, 2016

SnowShoeing in the Back Pastures

We might still have a LOT of snow, and we might still have not seen a day over 30 degrees, and we MIGHT have really really wanted to go snowshoeing, but didn't want to drive forever..... So we MIGHT have convinced the family to don their snowshoes and head out from the house.

PS - I left dinner in the crockpot, and brownies on the counter to entice us to come back!

Want to see what we saw?

First we had to get through the horses. They thought it would be neat to ride along on the back of our snowshoes. Little did they know, that makes it hard to move forwards - or backwards for that matter.... one of us may have got up close and personal with the snow.

Ol' Rojo - he's a lover, and he just can't stand to see you with out trying to sit in your lap
Yep - he would even live inside with us if he could 
( but he sort of passes gas - so that might be toxic!)

The wind was blowing a bit - 
can you see it moving across the ground?
Going south was just fine, but when you turned north - that wind was a little biting!

This was my favorite! We came up that hill and look at those clouds!

Here's another - just cuz I know you liked it too!

This is one of the fences. The snow was pretty high, and you could see where some of the cattle tried to cross over, but they were deterred!  And we saw Coyote tracks - that is not a good thing for us, that means they are getting pretty hungry!

Little Bit really liked the way the fence line looked and wants to draw it
so I took a photo for him to remember it by.

And we got home, just a little frozen , and a lot cold, but there was hot crockpot lasagna and brownies - we were good!!! 

~The End~


scraphappy said...

Oh my, that looks so beatiful, but so cold.

Kate said...

Love the shot of the clouds. You can get such great photos after a snow. My only problem is the cold, it's not conductive to long walks. Your's looks fun.

Judy V from Thornton CO said...

What a neat way to spend the day with your family and then have a lovely hot meal waiting for ya. Sounds wonderful!

The Joyful Quilter said...

You were right about that cloud shot... AWESOME!!!

Gypsy Quilter said...

Brrr, you guys are so adventurous! It looks like just enough snow to make it pretty, but not too tiresome for walking in.

diana569 said...

Happy New Year to all of you! This is why I love your blog, I got to take a hike in the snow, looking at some beautiful scenery, and I didn't even get cold. My only regret is I didn't get in on the lasagna and brownies!

Farm Quilter said...

Looks like you had a great day!!! I love getting bundled up and going out to explore in the snow! I need to remember the snowshoes when I go out to feed the horses when we get some good snow! I can't wait until we can go cross-country skiing and snowmobiling on the farm!!! Gorgeous pictures of the horses, snow and the clouds!

Ranch Wife said...

Super cool shots, Alycia! Wish we had snowshoes! Looks like you've got great places to explore right outside your door. Can't believe how much of this snow is still hanging around after 12 days. Hope you'll share your son's picture of the fence line!