Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Quilts of Valor 2015 - Happy Pre Thanksgiving Day

I needed my Quilty Fix for this week.... hope you have enjoyed all the outside photos ;-)

And now Onto the Quilts!!

The quilt above and the Quilt below were both made by the InterFaith Quilters of Longmont CO
The below one is a free pattern - under the free patterns tab here 

The Quilt of Valor below is made by The Golden Bees

The one below was pieced by Elsie
And Quilted By Lois Both in CO

This patriotic beauty ( below)
Was made by Sherry L
Its quite striking!

This pastel on was made by Deb
Quilted by Dawna
and bound by Diana 
(A triple Threat Ha!!)

The quilt below was pieced by Mary Beth
and Quilted by Connie

The next TWO quilts were pieced by Lynn
and Quilted by Mary

The next quilt was pieced by Ginny in Denver
I didn't write down who quilted it - maybe Ginny?

The next two quilts were both Quilted by Roxanna
But they traveled far
They started in colorado , then Roxanna moved to CA - and quilted them there
then they came back!!

This one - Pieced by Dee out of our Block Drive Blocks

This one Pieced by Donna L.H. in CO

The last Quilt of Valor for today was made by Liz M in Colorado

Hope you got a little Quilty Inspirations today!!

Do an extra walk today - for your Turkey Tomorrow 
Ha ha!!

PS - there was a little surprise going on in my town - 
I was supposed to be talking to kids about Quilts of Valor - 
but this happened instead:


Linda Swanekamp said...

Thanks for the show! Clue 2 done and love your directions! I am trying to collect more red and blue fabric so I can make more of veteran quilts as I mostly make comfort quilts for cancer patients. I am inspired by your continual shows, so I am going to make more!

Judy V in Thornton CO said...

You are an inspiration to other quilters when it comes to making QOVs! Whenever I make a QOV, I feel so much joy knowing how a QOV can mean a great deal to a veteran. There is something about being enveloped in the comfort of a quilt!

The Joyful Quilter said...

Wonderful examples of Patriotic Quilt and inspiration for us all. Thanks!!

Judy@Quilt Paradigm said...

Quilts are beautiful as usual! OH MY GOODNESS!! LOVED the story they did on QOV!! You are fabulous!! What an awesome surprise :D You are a natural in front of the camera ;)

Barob Book Blog said...

Love the quilts! Thanks for the QOV show this week.
Thanks to you and Cecily for working so diligently for our veterans. There are no words that can convey how grateful I am that you are such a positive face for those of us who sit home and quietly quilt for our heroes. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

PS: as soon as Thanksgiving is over I will get to your mystery QAL- We've had guests for two weeks straight celebrating my mother in Laws 90th birthday.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your Everyday Hero award! You deserve it!

Dino said...

Thank you for the show. They are all very lovely, can't even pick a favorite. Thanks to too to those that made these wonderful quilts.

Anonymous said...

Lots of quilty goodness today! Thanks for sharing.

Magoo47 said...

Thank you for sharing the Everyday Hero story as well as the regular Wed show. I'm in Baltimore this week and needed my QOV Fix! And, yes, thanks for running the QAL for Quilts 4 Military - I'm collecting the clues, to make it when I get home :)

Anonymous said...

You are just angels. Thank you for all your hard work!!! You are very inspiring and bring tears to my eyes when I think about all the veterans that receive these beautiful quilts. Keep up the good work and I will too!
Working on mystery quilt right now :).
Happy Holidays,
Lynn in CA

Peggy Hadley said...

Pur QOV group just presented over. 50 quilts. Last Saturday. It is indeed an honor to make and present a Q OV. I did. 5 quilts that have been presented and have 4 mpre tops finished.

Patricia said...

what a nice thing they did for you. both acknowledging you both, and having the program described. i especially enjoyed hearing from the vets from viet nam. they were treated so badly. i lost alot of friends in that war. continue on caring for these vets. we do it here in florida. patti in florida

Farm Quilter said...

What a lovely surprise for you two!!! You deserve it for all that you do for our veterans!

Kate said...

Beautiful quilts. My favorite is that first one, well maybe its that 4th one? Wait no it's the 10th one? No picking favorites I guess.