Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Quilts of Valor 2015 - October #1

It's starting to stay darker, longer in the morning. We are needing our Headlights to do chores in the morning. That is NOT my Favorite way to do chores - it's hard to see ( duh)  but it's even harder to see the cats that trip me when I am walking, and.... well.... snakes.... It's not cold enough for them to go away yet!

But enough whining..... let's get to the Quilts!!!

This one is made with those Moda Just One Star Blocks
We might have made more than Just One Star
Kathy and Connie put it together and Ellen  Quilted it

This quilt I think was made by the Columbine Quilters
It was Quilted by Ellen and bound by Joyce

Elenna made the top below
She used the Block Pattern designed by Candace W for the MQX block drive
But made her top here instead
Ellen Quilted it and Joyce bound it too!

This next one was made by The Quilting Bees
They did a fantastic job 
It was Quilted by John Scott ( he is fabulous!!)

Kathy N Pieced this one
and Dawna quilted it
( if you are looking for some new pantographs for quilting - go check out her site)

This is an Eleanor Burns pattern
Everytime Kathy and Connie make one - you all ask me the pattern
and I never can remember!

We have had two new (ish) quilters join our Greeley Group
And they are going gangbusters!
Nancy and Sharon Made this quilt
Ingunn in CO quilted it

Ingunn quilted this one (below) too
It was pieced by Carol H - here in Greeley
If I remember right - this was a shop my stash challenge.

I brought in boxes of fabrics and we put it out on the table 
Everyone was to choose fabrics and come up with something

Fun challenge!

Sue S and Nancy put this top together from our Block Drive Blocks of a year ago?
The block can be found under my Free Patterns Tab
Ingunn quilted this one as well.

The Heart quilt was pieced by Lori and her crew
It was quilted by Sue and Kathy

I have received more packages of the Wonky Star blocks
I am so excited to go through them and take their photos too!
( I might have stolen my design wall tho - and need to get those blocks off!)

Enjoy your week

Go forth and Quilt
( and make a wonky star block or 5 - they are fun!!)


Judy@Quilt Paradigm said...

That first quilt is just SO gorgeous! Well, all of them are but that first one just grabbed me :)

The Joyful Quilter said...

Chores in the dark... YUCK!
Quilting in the dark... DANGEROUS!!!

Anonymous said...

Once again, THANKS for the inspiration. Gorgeous QOVs.
Carlie N.

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

I recognize a bunch of those blocks in the Block Drive quilt!!! :) It seems like forever ago that those were made.

Kate said...

Very inspiring quilts. I've got one wonky star block made. I should get a few more made before the end of the month.

Sherrill said...

HEY! I've got that same quilt made by The Quilting Bees quilted by John Scott in progress right now!!! It's really close to being a flimsy but a couple more that are closer so trying to concentrate on them!! Hope my blocks were some of the ones you received!