Wednesday, June 17, 2015

QOV 2015 - is it summer yet?

it may not be truly calendarly (new word - just made it up) Summer yet - but in our minds - it is SUMMER!!! The sun comes up way early in the morning, and we find ourselves eating dinner at 9:30pm...  I LOVE these days!!!

Sometimes though - I forget what day it is - so I might need help.... it is wednesday today - I promise.

We started the next QOV Quilt a long - it is a mystery - but it's really good - I promise.

Fabric Req's
Step 1

next step - June 20th..... join in - I promise that it won't be hard, you will finish it - and it won't be a UFO ( and if it is!! I owe you some chocolate)

Now on to this weeks Inspiration:

Sue and Kathy are some VERY amazing ladies  - and they have stepped up like crazy for quilting our Quilts of Valor - the next 10  ( that is TEN people) quilts were quilted by them.  WARNING - they are all very feminine quilts... Mostly we don't need tons of Feminine Quilts- but we were asked to be a part of a Women' Warriors retreat - and there were 60 Veterans there... so we had a blast making girly quilts!!

Pieced by Candi E

Pieced by Margaret

Pieced by Margaret

Pieced by Candi E

Pieced by Candi

Blocks made by Betty
Pieced by Kathy and Sue

Pieced by Margaret

Pieced by Margaret

Pieced by Margaret

Blocks by Betty
Pieced by Kathy and Sue

Ready for a few smiles?   Here you go ;-)

Don't you just love knowing that the quilts are wrapped around them and treasured??? Sure makes my heart happy!

Have a great one!
Go forth and Quilt!!


Terri said...

What a great quilt show... my favs are the two on the bottom. Well modeled.

Missy Shay said...

I love seeing all of these wonderful quilts!

TLC said...

Love new words!