Wednesday, June 10, 2015

QOV 2015 - INTRO to the next QAL called Starry Night for Josh

Happy Wednesday Morning!!!

Today I am going to introduce the Fabric Requirements for the Next Quilt of Valor Quilt a Long .
 It is called

 "Starry Night for Josh"

Josh was assigned to the third helicopter battalion and was shot down during Operation Enduring Freedom by enemy fire. Six of the Seven soldiers on board were killed, including Josh.  Josh is also the son of two of my most favorite people in the world. Josh's Dad is a VietNam Veteran. 

I hoped this would be a way to show them support while honoring other Veterans Touched by War as well.   My only request - if you are making this - or your groups decide to make it - let me know would you? I would love to report back to the parents and let them know these quilts are being made.

Fabric Requirements
Finished Size 63 x 72

Based on 40 inches of usable fabrics

Blue:  3 5/8 yds                              Red: 1 3/8 Yds
Cream:  ¼ yd                                      Cheddar:  ½ yd

Binding: ½ - 3/4  yard  ( depends on the size of binding you use)

Backing : approximately 4 yards. I would check with your Machine quilter to see the amount of extra fabrics they need for quilting.

For my Blue - I am actually using a variety of Blues. They are all the same shade, but are just a tad different.  
These are my fabric choices

The first Step in this Quilt a Long will be posted on June 15th, the next step will come out Saturday the 20th - and then we will go back to Wednesday and Saturday Steps. I thought that would give you good time to gather fabrics - and if you are like me.... Iron them ;-)

(Edited to answer question)
1. Is there a picture of the quilt?    Not yet - it is a mystery, Trust me... I won't lead you wrong)
2. Is it really really hard?               No - it is very beginner friendly, great techniques to learn, or brush up on. There will be lots of photos of each step - so fun to follow.

Hope that helps  a little?

Now - On to Today's QOV inspirations.

This top ( above) was put together by Kaje and Harriet. A Granddaughter/Grandmother Team
I quilted it.   

Below - this top was pieced by Gisela in CO
I quilted it.
It is actually already in use - it was awarded at a Women Veterans Retreat

The next 6 quilts come from the Fremont Victory Quilters
They are in Southern (ish) Colorado and do a fantastic job!!!

I have to say I love all of them 
but this one below - Wow - I just love the soothing-ness ( a word - I am sure of it)
of the colors!!

Hope you enjoyed today's quilts!! NOW!!! Go gather your fabrics and get ready for the 15th - and the first step!!!  You can do it!!!


Amy said...

It feels like forever since I've visited and left you a comment. Just spent the last 25 minutes or so back-reading and catching up on everything I've missed.
Your QAL might be the doctor's medicine to kick-start my summer off!!!!

swooze said...

Past...I think it's 2015! LOL

Love your sew alongside!

Andrea Stanfield said...

A friend just gifted me a bunch of patriotic fabric. I will definitely set some aside for this project.

Lara B. said...

Alycia that is a beautiful thing to design a quilt to honor Josh. You are a really good friend to his parents and a very caring woman!
Such lovely QOV quilts you have lines up too!

Patti said...

I just ordered my fabric for the QAL

Missy Shay said...

Such pretty quilts!

Dawn said...

Do you have a picture of the quilt a long for this quilt of valor?

Kate said...

A quilt along sounds like fun, I'm getting bored working on my WIPs. Lots of variety in those QOVs, there's something for everyone.

Barob Book Blog said...

I am going on this QOV QAL with you to honor Josh as well. Honoring each and every person who has served us in the military is my honor and pleasure. Thank you so much for keeping us challenged and inspired through your blog. Please convey my heartfelt thanks to Josh and his parents. Blessings to you all.

Jo Stauffer said...

Count me in on the QAL, although I will be a little late in getting started. It's my run up week to our Project Linus Bee, but I will get on track after that! My label will have "A Starry Night for Josh" as the QOV title, and give you credit as the designer. When I do Quilts of Valor to present to WWII veterans I use my father's Army picture and say that it is also to honor his memory. In this way we keep military remembered in our tributes to living Veterans. Thanks Alycia, for honoring Josh's memory this way!