Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Quilts of Valor 2014

Happy Wednesday to you all!! Glad you have a chance to stop by!!

Couple of answers to some questions:
Are these all the Quilts of Valor in Colorado?

No!  These are the ones that have passed through my hands or through our Sew days. We have other groups quilting as well and they do a fabulous job of local presentation and sending them where our National Destinations Coordinator asks.

Do all the quilts have to go through you?

Again - No!  We have a bunch of awesome toppers - and they get the tops to us, at our sew days we put them with backs and battings and make them into kits. Then someone gets them to our awesome Quilting Volunteers ( who also work at machine quilting full time). The quilters usually get them back to me - and then I take them to our sew days to get bound... so it is a virtual Quilt show at my house often!!

So.... on to the show!!

We tried to get a group photo... got everyone gathered - and then.... I realized I only had my phone. takes pretty good pictures though!!!

The quilt below is made by Marcia and Mary and Quilted By Connie H of Loveland.

This one was made by Irma of the Columbine Quilt guild QOV bee - and quilted by Dawna. - the Quilting pattern is called Sparkler and is on Dawnas Design Threads for sale as a panto

This lovely was pieced by Kathy N and quilted by Dawna  - I REALLY like these starS!!

This one was also pieced by Kathy N and quilted by Connie....  I think they all are awesome!!

This lovely was pieced and quilted by Sue S. She started this as a block of the month, and now has made two of them. They are really awesome!!

This one was pieced by Sue S and quilted by her sister JoNell... this is the quiltiest family! I tell you!! I adopted them!

This one was put together by Sue - but all the blocks were made by Mary Jane M. When Mary Jane passed away her husband donated the blocks. I love this!

This one was pieced and Quilted by Judy V of Adams County Quilters ( she either lives in Thornton or Broomfield and each time I put that down - I guess wrong - so I am going with the guild name this time!!)

This beauty was pieced and Quilted by Linda H of Adams Co Quilters. I believe she is the president!!

This is a string star and I really really LOVE it!! It was pieced and quilted by Sue S.  I told you - she is one quilty person!!  I watched her work on this one, and WOW - is it a stunner!

Hope you enjoyed today's show! I am off to quilt!  I am so glad that my clients are keeping me quilting! Keeps me out of trouble, and happy!!


Terri said...

I know this is redundant, but you keep showing beautiful quilts. Another beautiful show...such kindness shows through the quilt.
Thanks for all the work you do to bring us these pictures. Very inspirational.

Andee said...

Beautiful and inspiring as always!

Unknown said...

I really love the star quilt by Nancy N. Could you possibly steer me to the pattern? I think I have it figured out, but I would love the pattern for our QOV group. Thanks!

Judy V. in Thornton said...

Your comment about where I live made me smile. Both places are great!

As always, the pictures are wonderful and inspiring!

Anonymous said...

Great quilts and I love the wonderful pictures. The presentation was good to see. All those smiles. Keep up the great work you do Alycia. MK

karol said...

I LOVE the string stars! Is that a diamond or 2 trinagles end to end?

Kate said...

Lots of beautiful quilts in all different styles.