Wednesday, September 10, 2014

2014 Quilt of Valor

Good Morning!!!
Some of you are up and at em VERY early in the morning.... so I hope this post gives you some inspirations!!!

Are you ready?

This top was pieced by Harriett and Deb from our Block Drive Blocks. Deb did some embroidered blocks and they look so cool.

This one was pieced by Cheryl M - I am not sure who quilted it - but it is LOVELY!!

This one was pieced by Connie from block drive blocks and quilted by Loretta E in Colorado Springs/

This one was pieced by Althea ( I think of COlumbine Quilt guild) and quilted by Nancy O in CO. Spgs.

It is a lovely quilt!

Nancy also quilted this one, it was pieced by the Columbine QUilt guild QOV bee. They do a fantastic job!

This is another one that Connie pieced from block drive blocks. I wish I liked statistics better - I could tell you exactly how many quilts we have made from the various blocks. But I don't, so I can't!

It was quilted by Bonnie K in the springs.

I can tell you that our Quilts are SO LOVED!!  I was called in to a meeting with a Colonel - I was a little worried, you know, the big wigs and all that. There were 10 guys in the meeting, and each of them had received a QOV at some point over the last year.

Anyways, they called me in just to tell me that our quilts are SO very important to them, and they wanted me to pass on a huge HUG to all your block/quilt makers!!  So {{{{{{HUG}}}}}}

This is another quilt by Connie and quilted by Bonnie ( that rhymes!!)

Jane H in Monument quilted these next two quilts! The first is pieced by the Columbine Quilt guild.

This one was pieced by Connie.  I LOVE that center!!

What is your favorite Quilt pattern right now?  Where are you going to find your favorite patterns? Have any that would make great QOV"s that you want to share the link of?

This could start a whole 'nother bucket list for me.... but I love seeing what quilters like.



Kat Scribner said...

Outstanding show, Alycia! I know it warms the hearts of the soldiers. THank you for all you do.

Nancy said...

I recently found this pattern and LOVE it - a great way to use scraps, too.

Terri said...

It's quite labor intensive, but the ASL symbol for I Love You, (paper pieced) maybe only on the back, or as one square among others...


Terri said...

Love the striped Jelly Roll style rainbow with studs quilt. So interesting. And as always I love the smiles on the recipients. Thanks for sharing.

DJ said...

I am currently working on a quilt from Bonnie Hunter's free patterns section on It is called Fourth of July and I am really enjoying making it.

Mary Johnson said...

I'm getting ready to assemble a set of RWB HeartStrings blocks which are always a favorite but I also include a RWB design when I'm drafting many of my quilts. I'm working on a Diagonal 4 patch in brights but I drafted a RWB version too that I'll probably make soon. I try to keep all my RWB ideas on my website for me and for anyone else looking for inspiration.

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

I always look forward to Wednesdays for the QOV quilt show. Beautiful quilts.

Magoo47 said...

Earlier this summer, while visiting in WA state, I encountered a quilt shop with the Sweet Liberty collection of fabrics from Blank Quilting. I fell in love with it (the pattern is Free on the BQ website) .. I bought the fabric and it's on my ToDo list for after the Allegiance Mystery - which will be at Retreat in a few weeks. Also bought the Sweet Liberty jelly roll ..

Pat R said...

The quilts just keep getting better each week! It's so nice to hear what the Colonel had to warms the heart that our quilts are so well received.