Thursday, March 07, 2013

Quilt of Valor Show 3/7/13

Do you ever get your days mixed up? I didn't think I did, but I was wrong. We have been TCAP testing this week , and it involves us driving to another town.... and so I forget things - like making dinner....  but I did get some Quilts of Valor photographed, and would love to show them to you!

I have also been photographing blocks for our Block Drive - Lawsy Mercy - you all!!! We are going to have a great bunch of Quilts!!!

The first quilt today was pieced by Connie in Colorado - an d quilted by Dawna of Dawna's designs

Isn't that braid cool?

This one was made y Harriett and quilted by Dawna too! She was a busy quilter this month!

This was was made By Jan O and also quilted by Dawna
I think I like her ;-)   ( just kidding - I KNOW I do!!!)

Check out the back of Jan's quilt - isn't that neat? I just love that blue fabric11

And the last one in todays show - 
Is from Lori in Idaho - Lori has been a quilt top making fool - and her quilts are just starting to come back in from the quilters!

Thanks Quilters for all your hard work - I sure appreciate it! It is fun seeing the tops come in, and seeing them again when they are quilted!!

If you want to see all the blocks coming in from the block drive - check these posts


Kat Scribner said...

Great show, Alycia. I love any braid quilts (I don't know why) and the star quilt is especially interesting.

Nancy said...

Beautiful quilts, ladies. Nice job!

Kevin the Quilter said...

Great inspiration!

lisa0116 said...

Great show again! I too love the braids and have never made one. I need to try it one time at least.

Dawna Sanders said...
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Dawna Sanders said...

Thanks Alycia! You do such a great job with QOV. I love helping out. (I think I like you too :) LOL