Sunday, November 06, 2011

Quilts of Valor from Ohio

I recieved a wonderful box of finished quilts and a few quilt tops from Ohio.... these are just lovely!!  I am thinking that a nice cup of Hot Chocolate might be in order, to view all of these!

This quilt is from Denise P. I believe it was one of the mysteries that is run over at

This one was quilted and pieced by Bev H oh Ohiw, and is also a mystery quilt. I love the colors she used!

Here is a close up - for fun!

These next three were made by Gail S.  And there are some close ups for closer inspections ( my favorites!)

You know I am a sucker for string quilts, I love the planned scrappyness of this one, and its all tied up in blue binding. Great idea!!

Again made by Gail S

This one was made by gail too. Check out how she used the half square triangles made from the block trimmings... now that is a scrap user!!

Ladies - Thank you so much!! These quilts were greatly appreciated... and remember they were here... and now they are with soldiers....


Impera_Magna said...

How how beautiful! Love them all... esp that red string quilt! So glad the quilts are all with their new owners...

*reaching for tissue b/c of such generosity*

Nancy said...

Beautiful quilts. I love all of them, but the first one is a stunner. Nice job, quilters.

Mary said...

Love that red string quilt!

NJ Girl said...

I have a QOV that I can send, where do I send it to?