Thursday, June 09, 2011

My Kids

You know they keep me busy and keep me out of trouble - but they sure are fun to watch. This kiddo has mastered the RipStick - it is like a skateboard with only one wheel on each end. I looked at it and could see the fall coming - but he has not crashed yet!

And just so you can keep up - we went from ripsticking to shooting sports - the boy in the red shirt is my oldest, the one in the camo is my middle. They are on the archery line.

While the little goombah is a little bit away at the air rifle competition.

And then after archery - middle bit moved to the air pistol line while the oldest moved to the air rifle line, and all I had to do was move my red chair from spot to spot - and the shady spots if possible. Even sitting in the shade I got sunburned!

The next day found us in the dog show - inside - without the hot sun burning down on us! Little bit and Sundae did the puppy class and did quite well.

But they were totally worn out after all that work!

And the next morning each kid slept in till 8am - a totally rare occurance in this household - they even wore Wrangler Man out. He was a shooting judge - so was on the line for the whole day, and worried about me staying in the shade... cuz he;s that kind of guy you know! Plus he wanted to keep track of our cooler - a LOT of water and gatorade gets consumed at these events!!


LizA. said...

Looks like you guys are keeping busy. Would you send some of that sun this way? We've had a much cooler than normal spring. I think we've only been over 70 3-4 days!!!!

Anonymous said...

What fun! I should look around here to see if we have anything like that. Are your shooting events through 4-H or what?

It would be hard to keep track of all three at the same finding shade can be tricky as it seems to be a preferred spot for all the