Sunday, February 13, 2011

Stash Report 2/13/11

This was a more sluggish week for sewing, but we did get some ice skating in, some snowboarding, sledding, and I made a loaf of bread! And now the snow has melted - took the dogs for a VERY long walk!

Stash Report:
Used this week : 6 yards
Used YTD:          129 yards
Added this week: 0 yards
Added YTD        :  3/4 yards
Added Charity YTD:  94.5 yds

Net 33.83 USED UP!! 
The 6 yards used was making a backing for my UFO #10 ... kind of pathetic - but at this point ... I am Taking It!!!

To see how others are doing go to:

Enjoy.... I get to go sew for a little bit now - whoo hoo!


Tamera said...

Hope you had fun sewing!

Lori said...

No snow, I am JEALOUS! My sidewalk is a low water bridge. Yup, still have big snowbanks on each side, and of course anything that melts go to the lowest spot which is the damn sidewalk! Think slalom tube!

Startitis--that disease isn't so bad, comes along with the quilt pox. Just avoid that sox pox.

Anonymous said...

Wow, gorgeous photos! Love those mountains. Good stash report, too -- you've already used lots of fabric this year! :) Take care, Dianne B. in England

Jo said...

We are melting snow this week in Iowa too. I can't wait. I am dying to get back in my walking schedule. I appreciate winter with added sewing time but I miss spring.

Tiffaney said...

Wow - you have amazing numbers. Wonderful job.

Melinda said...

Nothing pathetic about using 6 yards AND using it to finish up a UFO. Good job.

Anonymous said...

I remember these views! So gorgeous, and you get them year round! You are definitely blessed!