Friday, February 25, 2011

A Day at the Capitol

We got up bright and early Thursday Morning and headed down to tour the Capitol with a LOT of other students! It was quite fun, and we signed up to take the Tour of the Dome. This is a gold dome and was up a LOT of stairs. 61 stairs to be exact.... but 61 stairs from the 5th floor - did  I mention that we had to climb up all 5 floors of stairs first?

Before we reached the start of the 61 stairs?

This was some really cool scrollwork in the Sherman Place Building - I liked it... can you see it in a quilt?

and this was the roof designs!!

So now  we have climbed the 30 million batrillion stairs and are up in the dome. This is the view from one of the windows. Back in the olden days they used to let you out on the veranda, but there is some structural damage they are repairing. Which was okay - cuz Did I ever mention...

I get the hee bee jeebies in my legs when we are that high?

Here are my leetle goombahs - in one of the windows. There is a rumor that Al Capone visited the capitol - at least that is what one of the tour guides said. I can't seem to find out if that was truth or fiction.

This is the metal scrolling in the center of the walkway of the dome. I LOVED it!!! I think I took 14 pictures - and I got laughed at - but you know what? I will never forget it!!!

This is when I got brave and looked up into the dome. Did I even mention anything about heights? I think this pertains to looking up too. The poor little 4 year old girl that saw me get woozy saved my life and then ran crying to her mom.... so sorry sweetie..... I'll take you horseback riding to make up for me okay?

Going down the 61 stairs ( before we hit the 14 million stairs to get to ground level)

We almost missed this - it is a pictoral quilt depicting the historical events of Colorado. Of which, I must learn more. There were some pretty interesting folks who are part of this state.

Have a good one!

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Kathie said...

You were definitely brave to go on a field trip with all those kids!! Great pictures.