Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Quilters Accountability 11-3

These were my goals for last week ( or maybe 2 weeks ago, since I had a week dissappear)

Finish instructions for Veterans Rail Fence DONE
Put labels on Two Quilts of Valor DONE
Send Shari her box ( its almost ready Shari)  DONE ( she has even recieved it already!!!)
The Veterans Rail Quilt Along is written and ready to post.... I hope you all will be joining in. Wrangler Man has enjoyed watching this one go together. The boys did the lay out - so its a family project!  The fabric requirements will be posted on the 7th......
This week I have been working a bit in my quilting room. I have a tendency to pile things in places and I know what they are, but then time goes by and I forget what they are... so I spent some time remembering again. Its kind of fun. I bought some purples a long time ago, got them out, put them away, got them out again - then piled them. So now I am trying to think of why I bought them - or what I bought them for - or did I just like them?
Goals for this week:
1. Get all prepped and ready for our QOV Sew Day on the 14th.
2. Finish my Fall Foliage Quilt
3. Cut gift quilt for a freind for Christmas.
4. Quilt one Quilt of Valor
Hope you all had a productive and fun week. I enjoyed mine!  To see what everyone else is up to go to


Julianne's Machine Quilting said...

You are getting so much done.. Keep it going.

Linda in TX said...

I do that piling up thing - mostly so I can go back through it and see what I put in there. For the same reason you do it. It's a guilty pleasure that I've only shared with you. (shhhhhhh - my family doesn't know)