Friday, November 05, 2010

Barb, Dianne, and Nancy

Barb saw my instructions for the flag blocks
 and decided that she would make some for us to put into a quilt top  - per
fect!! And in the middle of the blocks - something magical fell out - a bag of M&M's.... Thanks Barb!!

Dianne is in Denver and she is an awesome quilter!! She made this Quilt of Valor. It was quilted by Patsy M of Green River WY. Patsy did a beautiful job!
 This quilt of Valor is also made by Dianne - don't you just love her work!! And it was quilted by Sharon H of Arvada CO.  I saw Sharons name on the label and was surprised - she had just contacted me to come speak at their guild. I am the speaker in May. (wish me luck)

Thanks Dianne - you are awesome!!! !

The last quilt for today comes from Nancy in New York. This pattern is called Dizzy and it was a mystery quilt done on the QOVquiltmystery yahoo group.

Nancy - it is awesome - Thank you!!

I was asked the other day by the spouse of a Wounded Warrior recieveing his quilt - How we can stand to give away such beautiful works or art? First, I had to love the way she thinks!! Second, I recruited her to learn to make these, and Third - I explained how much we quilters wanted to support our troops and say thank you, and this is the best way we know how.

Any other comments I should add to that?


Anonymous said...

Lovely quilts ladies! Good job Alycia...."many hands" you know.

Shari in AZ

Barbara Winkler said...

I would love to be making this along with you, but I will be at our Veterans Day booth at the base, so no internet. I will however, be working on Quilts of Valor while there. Squaring up blocks, and getting signatures for another quilt. I'll make yours another day. Thanks for the ideas.
Barbara Winkler SoCal QOV