Tuesday, July 14, 2009

We survived our weekend

Sort of! Thursday Nite the kids had a make up swim meet - lasted till 7pm... and we got home late. We had to be back to a different pool Friday Morning by 6:30 am. That swim meet lasted till 2pm, and we made it home by 4pm.
Saturday we were finally able to celebrate Pipsqeak #2's birthday. He was so patient - waiting till after his birthday. But he really really wanted to take 2 friends Ice Skating... well try to coordinate that around all their "stuff"! But we did it... and I even put on a pair of skates. Please do NOT ask me how well I skate!
Pipsqueak 2 is in the striped shirt in the center!

We got home from Ice Skating - made dinner and reloaded for the oldest pipsqueaks "GUTS Meet" ! It didn't start till 8pm and was ALL long distances. Took a lot of guts!! I get to be the starter at the meets at our pool, so I feel important ( giggle) I get to tell all the swimmers what to do. Imagine the groans when I said "Swimmers you have a 200 Meter Butterfly - 8 lengths of the pool. Swimmers take your marks" They hated me... it was awesome!

That meet ended at 12:30 am ( thats like Sunday morning in my world) We made it home by 1:30 am...crashed and woke up to go teach Sunday School - 3rd grade....
Got home and had some friends over to practice Halter Classes and riding events. The fair is in two weeks and the 2 oldest boys are showing horses. I love our horses - but they sort of think they are people, and sometimes are in their own world ( hunh - kind of like a kid I have...go figure) . So it took a lot of practice. The dad of the family that came is a horse judge. He was awesome. He gave us great information, as only Wrangler Man has done this Halter stuff before. We had a great time, and wore the kids out.... bonus!
Also wore myself out - I was ready to sleep by 7:30 that night....


LizA. said...

Wow! I'm exhausted just reading about all that! Glad you survived. Just think, school will be starting before you know it.

Anonymous said...

Wow Alycia! Busy schedule!

I so envy you the horse stuff...my horseback riding is on hold for a while. Hoping later this year I can get back into it some....only problem is my mare is a little to goosey for the kids to ride...don't have an old-dead-broke horse around you would loan to us for a while do you? LOL