Sunday, July 26, 2009

Quilted Quilts of Valor

These first two quilts were quilted by Donna S in Longmont. They were made by the Livermore Quilters. Boy are they a prolific bunch! They have kind of slowed down this summer - so we can catch up with them! Donna did a wonderful job!


The next two quilts come from Lyn in my quilt guild. One is called a Crazy 9's, and the other is a Tossed 9 Patch - or Disappearing nine Patch. They are both just wonderful!!

My youngest son and I entered our quilts in the Weld Co Fair. We had to get ours in on Friday. After a swim meet... we made it just in time. As we were waiting in line to turn ours in a lady told me son that it was nice of him to carry his Moms quilts. He proudly informed her that this was HIS!! So we will see how he did on Wednesday ( I think)
Hope you all are enjoying your summer. It seems to be moving very very quickly this year - and full of more stuff!!!

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Lori in South Dakota said...

Good luck on your entries!~