Friday, July 31, 2009

Quilt of Valor Sew Along Cutting Instructions

As you all know - I am really into using up my patriotic pieces and making more Quilts of Valor. And it is working! I contacted a nationally known designer and asked if it was possible to use her design as a Mystery Sew Along.... and she said YES! It is a copyrighted pattern, and it belongs to her. This designer and the name of the pattern will be revealed at the end of the sew along. If you figure it out - keep it to yourself, as I will hold a drawing to see if you can guess - and there will be a prize!!
So here we go: My cutting instructions are for scrappy - but I will try to give you an equivalent in FQ's or yardage. Using yardages you may have some leftovers.

Cutting Instructions:

You need:

61 1 1/2 inch by 11 inch strips in a Dark. ( I used Reds in mine)
61 1 1/2 inch by 11 inch Strips in a Light. ( I used Creams and whites)

* You can get 24 - 11 inch strips per fat quarter - so by using FQ's you would use 2 1/2 FQ's for each color

61 2 1/2 inch Squares in a Light ( I used Creams and white)
244 2 1/2 inch squares in a Dark ( I used Reds)

* you can get 56 2 1/2 squares per FQ. I think you could use one for the white and use the leftovers of strip cutting to make up the next 5 square for the lights.
* for the Darks you would need 5 FQ's.

30 7 1/4 inch Squares in a Light ( again I used Creams and Whites)
30 7 1/4 inch Squares in a Dark ( I used Navy... It is peaking out under the whites in my photo)

* you can get 6 squares per 44 inch long strip of fabric. So you would need 5 strips ( 44 inches long) or 37 inches of each color.

So... are you excited?

Shall I post the clues weekly? Thats what I am thinking - especially since it is still summer.


chickenlady said...

Looks good, Alycia. I'll be following along.

Once a week works for me.



Denise V said...

holy macaroni! (as Audrey would say). --that's a lot of little pieces!!! I better get started...

this is going to be so much fun. once/week is great.

thanks for doing this.

Unknown said...

I just made my first QOV and will be making more. I'll be following too. Once a week sounds good to me.

earth visitor said...

this is great - once a week is good - but will you post every week on the group? I am so forgetful sometimes

jane m said...

i've been trying to decide which pattern to use for a qov and now you are doing all of the thinking for me! thanks so much for sharing this. don't know if i'll be able to keep up but once a week sounds like a good time frame.

Sheila said...

Weekly sounds wonderful! I'm excited to be able to play for a change.

Tina Craig said...

Alycia, this is so exciting! Julia finally has the time to work on her Girl Scout project. A quilt along will be perfect for her!

Librarynan said...

This will be fun - once a week is fine. I've not done a QOV, so I'm ready to start helping.

Laura said...

This sounds like fun, Alycia. Do you know how many weeks it will be for the directions? Laura