Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Home on the Range

I saw a link on another person's blog to a blog called the Pioneer Woman. (Pioneerwoman.com) I clicked over there and just laughed!! But one of my favorite type pictures are the ones that she posts that her husband takes - thru the ears of a horse. So I thought - well I can do this - I am on a horse a lot. But you know what?... he has to be one coordinated cowboy... I had trouble keeping the reins, the junk, and my camera all organized. I even tried to take a picture with my rope once. Just so you know - those don't turn out to well. They are kind of green - oh say - just like my rope!!
And my horse - I am going to guess he is lazy - I had to hunker down to get his ears in the picture! I think he was playing with me. He also thought he needed to go up and down the hills all day - rough on the knees if you ask me.
So anyways - thats us - we are out riding the fences. Only a few are accessible by road - so we were playing cowboy! And we were trying - very unsuccessfully I might add- to stay in a line. Some day we have these great ideas of trail riding on a mountain.... but I think the horses need more practice. They would rather be next to each other than behind!
My Horse - Rojo is his name - he absolutly hates being last. Which
is quite funny - cuz most of the time I am always last. Or maybe its called bringing up the rear??

This is the older two boys in the roping chutes. And to mention quilts at least once - that is my house in the background and the bottom level - the walk out - that is my quilting room and QOV storage area. Its ALL mine I tell ya!! ( not really, but I figure if I say it enough some one will believe me someday!)
Hope you all have a great one! We finally finished our Livestock Record books, and now we need to start our Archery ones. I guess 4-H never ends......


Nancy said...

I used to read Pioneer Woman's blog a lot until she started posting commercials on her blog. Her photos are awesome and many are listed on the HP site for printing calendars, etc. Check it out.

Stephanie D. said...

I love reading PW's blogs--the cooking one and the photography one and the "confessions" one! She has some terrific recipes.

I think you did as well as Marlboro Man on the horse--got the ears just right! lol

Lori in South Dakota said...

ROFL--trying to take pictures, hold the reins, get everything focused, yeah, it's a little challenging! And you added a ROPE in there too??!!

And if you're going to the mountains, you DEFINITELY need horses that go in straights lines behind one another and stand REALLY STILL. No prancing off the side of the mountain!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Alycia! You had me rolling on the floor I was laughing so hard! If you are trying to take pics from a horse it is much easier to do it on one that is a bit lazy (hence the flopped, inattentive ears) as opposed to the ones that are straight up with a straight up neck....next thing is the snort and bolt....

Your horses are probably trail broke well enough that isn't a problem! LOL


heather said...

My horse would probably wait until I was fully focused on the camera and then do some acrobatics just to see what would happen. I'll take lazy any day!