Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Suzannes Quilts of Valor arrived

Poor thing - she has been snowed in, blown in and stuck with the kids having no school - but there must have been a sunny day, because..... TWO quilts of Valor arrived at my post office. Usually I get a notice to go pick them up at the PO, but my delivery lady knows I have been looking for QOV stuff... so she drove them up to the house.

And then of course waited while I HAD to open them right there!! She Ohhed and awed appropriately. I have her trained well! She is a vet as well as her husband, so this project has taken on special meaning to her as well.
So the one on the left was pieced by Suzanne and quilted by her - it is magnificent. She has suck perfect stitches. The other one was pieced by a lady in California and quilted by Suzanne. They both came with pillowcases and labels and they are ALL ready to go. I so appreciate these quilts!
See the embroidery here in the middle of one of the blocks? Very creative!
Hope you all have a great evening! The chores are done, the kids are fed, the dishes are put away... I think I might bind something. Now don't get too excited - I said might, and there might be something that gets in the way....

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