Monday, March 31, 2008

Quilts are everywhere

I got a notice in my box that "many" packages were waiting for me at the Post Office - oh my!! It was wonderful. First this Quilt of Valor came back all quilted from Kim B in La Junta. She quilted Three of them for us - isn't she a sweetie? And each of them is great.
Then I got a box from Sue in my Heartstrings group with 2 quilt tops and one backing ( bonus!!) in it. When I get those quilted I will be sure to post them on here - because you know we Love the ohhs and Ahhs.....
Another Box had a Quilt top/ backing/ binding and the most awesome quilted pillowcase in it from Sallie M.... I Love that quilt top - it is very unique and again - you will defineatly want to see it!!!
Okay the 4th box was boring - it was farming equipment for my husband - but he will probably be excited. The 5th box had a stunning quilt from a customer of mine - I shall ask her if I can put it up here. I bet it will inspire you.
Now to get the boys to finish there homework so we can go downstairs and start quilting.... so many to do I am sooo excited!!
Hope you all have a quilty day!

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Vicki W said...

You are really rocking on these QOV quilts!