Thursday, January 24, 2008

My kiddos

Well - I have been doing a lot of quilting and getting customer quilts done, but I haven't done a lot of my own sewing - hence no quilty pictures. But I have kid pictures... doesn't that just tickle you!

Over Christmas break ( of that wonderful time) we went to Focus on the family. They have a stage there where the kids can get dressed up and make a TV show - so my youngest (6) and my mom got dressed up and danced for us! Thats my mom on the left with C.
Then they had one of those things you stick your faces in. I had to bribe the boys to get in it. Good thing my dad was there to add Chocolate shakes to the bribe!
The weather here is awful cold, and I have been lucky that Hubby is around to do all the chores, if only I could convert the time that I am not doing chores into quilting time!
My goals for the rest of today.... Work on the mystery quilt from Bonnie for a little bit. Finish folding the laundry ( ugh) , and get my oldest son to the spelling bee... it is the oral round tonite - I have to admit - I want him to win!
Have a quilty day!!

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