Sunday, March 06, 2016


One of the challenges this week was Entropy - not in the Physics definition, but in the random breakdown and decomposition of things.

There is a ranch by me, that had a really cool old silo that I wanted to photograph. So I asked for permission and started walking towards it.  Mind you, they warned me it had been abandoned for a while and they didn't know what was living in it.

BUT! I promptly learned when I went up to it.... birds - lots of birds... and yes - I showed my weak side - I did scream , when they came flying out.

Once in was cleared out though - It was ALL mine!!!

On this one I wanted to show the breakdown of the bricks, and the decay of the building, but I also wantd you to see the inside. When shooting into a dark space - you get a LOT of dark space. So I really had to adjust my camera settings - more so than I thought to get a little highlight on that back wall, and not wash out the front.    Others have no problem I am sure, but my brain hurt!

This is a whole silo shot - the whole thing is not breaking down, but I just thought it was so cool, and of course the clouds were playing along with me - gotta love it when that happens.

Enjoy your day!!!!


Tamera said...

Beautiful photographs!

Gypsy Quilter said...

Cool silo. I'm surprised they don't repair it or take it down. Those blocks could be used for something. Neat pictures.

The Joyful Quilter said...

LOVE getting an interior view of the silo... even better seeing through it!!

Susan Reynolds said...

Very cool