Wednesday, June 24, 2015

QOV 2015 - and Starry Night for Josh step 3

Step 3

This is a quick step – and! You will refer to Block 1 for instructions…. But use these colors!
You will make 2 of the Blue Stars and 3 Red Stars.

Cutting Instructions:

Blue: Cut 1 – 4 inch wof strip .   Sub-cut into 4 – 4 inch squares
         : Cut 1 – 3 ½ inch wof strip.   Sub-cut into 8 3 ½ inch squares
White: Cut 1 – 4inch wof strip.   Sub-cut into 10 – 4 inch squares
       : Cut 1 – 3 ½ inch wof strip.. Sub cut into 5  - 3 ½ inch squares
Red:  Cut 1 – 4 inch wof strip.  Sub-cut into 6 – 4 inch squares
      : Cut 1 3 ½ inch wof strip.  Sub cut into 12   3 1/2inch squares
(so my fabric was actually 44 inch wof – so one strip was perfect. If you fabric is not as wide – you can use scraps from the other steps to cut the twelfth square, or you will need to cut another strip)

Take all of your 4 inch white squares, and draw a diagonal on the back side.

Pair a 4 inch white square with a blue and  red 4 inch squares. Stitch ¼ inch away from the diagonal line on both sides.

Cut along the diagonal line and press open.

You will then lay these pieces out in a stack to create the Stars – as in the first step. You will end up with 3 Red/White stars and 2 Blue/White stars.  Make sure the stars are spinning the same way as the photo ( also the same as step 1)

They will measure 9 ½ inches

And now.... Onto the QOV inspirations for this week..... can you handle at least one or two??

Are you all keeping up? If you want to share a blog post or a photo - feel free to email me them, I would link them on a blog post.  - I just don't know how to do the linky thing....

See you Saturday for the next step!!!


phxquilt said...

More great smiles! And pretty things to sew. I love your Wednesdays... ;-)

Terri said...

two lovely smiles