Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Quilts of Valor 2015

This last weekend was CRAZY!!!  BUT!!! I don't have all the photos yet, so I am waiting for those to come and then I will totally share - but the Semi Truck - was WAYYYYY cool!!

In the meantime - I hope you enjoy these Quilts of Valor!!

The first 6 Quilts are all from Meredith in AZ - and they are Quilted by Ron in NM

The cool thing about these quilts is Ron always quilts an American Symbol in the quilt.

When our soldiers pick the quilts up, I always try to point out the symbol
( I think I have more fun with that!!)

The Next three quilts come from the Wabi-Sabi Quilters

This first one was pieced by Mary and quilted by Pamela

This one was pieced by the group and quilted bu Sue and Kathy

This is a close up of the Eagle Block

Another one pieced by Wabi Sabi and quilted by Sue and Kathy

I think I told you we are covering a Women Veterans Event 
so this is a top that I found on Ebay a while ago, and
decided it should be quilted for this evert

Don't you just love how Quilts make you gather all around... and smile?

Enjoy your day!!!
Go Forth an Quilt!!!


Kate said...

Gorgeous quilts and lots of smiles. That's a fun combo.

KaHolly said...

Reading your post this morning has been the perfect way to begin my day!

Carol Stearns said...

I hope Meredith doesn't mind but I posted the pic of that top quilt to the facebook group, One Block Wonder. What a cute idea to use half hexies staggered across the quilt. Looks like birds or caterpillars. Add some idea and its a snake. Thank you! And thank Meredith.

Judy V. from Thornton, CO said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous and colorful quilts....they are all real eye candy!

Terri said...

Love the quilts...especially the flying banners by Ron.... is there an easy pattern for that. I'm thinking it's 1/2 sq. triangles and squares put together to work this out.
All your recipients are not smiling this time, did you notice? Maybe this group is new to the rehab? Maybe their quilt will help them feel better as time goes on.
Thanks for sharing your pictures.

Kathy's A Quilter said...

Very Well done. Scraps to Smiles once again.