Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Quilts of Valor 2015

Happy Happy Wednesday!!

It's that time again!  I tell you - one of the most fun ( funnest?) things about being a Volunteer with Quilts of Valor.... is the weekly quilt show that happens in my house!  And it makes me keep the house picked up - so total win-win right?

This is an older photo - but I thought I would show you - it cracks me up. If Quilts come to me not washed, I go to town to the Duds and Suds Laundro-mat and wash them.  Jim has a bunch of racks that he pulls out for me, and we dry them on the racks.... then I come home and lay them all out one more time - to make sure they are ready to be loved on,

Crazy huh?

Alright - let's get on to the quilts!!

Thes next three Quilts were made by Marsha G in Colorado.
She made these and had them at their local quilt show, set up in a QOV booth.

This one ( the baskets) won a Ribbon. It is beautiful an the quilting.
Oh My!!

This is the third one today from Marsha
That twist is pretty cool!

We have a Freedom Quilt - Made by Kathy at Arapahoe County Quilters - LOVE it!! How about that bell?

This one was pieced by Jessica V in Colorado and Quilted by Alycia ( me - tee hee hee)

This lovely plaid quilt!!  PLAID!!! LOVE IT!! was pieced by San - who blogs over at   It was quilted by Me .. of course, how could I send a Plaid quilt to another to quilt?  I mean seriously... plaid.....  My weakness

And now - from our prolific Columbine Quilters!!   They did this lovely Dancing 9's quilt.  ( its a free pattern at  I LOVE it!!
Here;s a little close up - I really LOVE this pattern! 

Another beauty by the Columbine Quilters

This last one from them is also a Free pattern at I love how theirs turned out!!

These are two block drive Quilts.  The first one was pieced by Cowboy Bob and Quilted by Ellen P

And Ellen didn't stop there - she quilted this one too!! It was pieced by Carolyn N

Thanks to all who help make these quilts, and work on them in any ways!  It is fun to say that your quilts were touched by many hands!!

Ready for your smiles for the day????   Check em out!

Go Forth and Quilt!!!


Kat Scribner said...

Awesome show today, Alycia!

Mary Says Sew! said...

Holy cow, Alycia, that's a lot of quilts! Thank you for what you do for QOV, and for sharing the stories. Beautiful, as always.

I love that even your Laundromat's owner is in on helping drying the QOVs.

Mary Johnson said...

They all look great but I always get a little thrill when I see one of my instruction sheets being used for a donation quilt!

Terri said...

You must be the Fairy Quiltmother...washing all those quilts. So do your menfolk wear plaid? Is that the connection? I've seen pictures of them, and didn't see any plaid.
Love the quilts... Wow. Especially the one by Cowboy Bob.
As always the smiles make me smile.

Cathy said...

What a show! Can't pick a fav since they are all fabulous. And what a great way to keep the house picked up!!!!

And I think I'm getting really, really old because some of those soldiers look like little kids to me.

Kate said...

Such beautiful quilts and gorgeous smiles. Your Wednesday shows always perk me up.

Margo said...

Beautiful! Thank you for your service to those who serve. Your quilting is lovely.