Tuesday, April 21, 2015

FFA Quilt

We live in a smaller agricultural town, that is really cool. In our Schools we have FFA ( Future Farmers of America).    It is such a great organization. Every year they have a silent auction and live auction to raise funds for the kids to pursue their projects, events, and competitions.

This year I made a Quilt for the Silent Auction..... It's also my ALYOF April goal.... the Auction is May 2nd.... No procrastinating here !!

Ready to see it?

Ta-da...  I took it to the Ag Teacher/FFA Advisor - and the kids posed for me ;-)

And this is it laying on the floor

In the small areas between the Emblems I quilted FFA

And in corners I did a Star.
As Farmers/Ranchers/Ag kids are rising Stars
( PS - if you ate tonite.... thank a farmer/rancher)

Then in the big Borders I quilted the FFA Creed
Learning to Do
Doing to Learn
Earning to Live
Living to Serve

And that is it - Ta da

It will be in the Silent Auction
the first weekend of May


Judy@Quilt Paradigm said...

Yay for finishing early!! And it is even bound!!! Color me impressed ;) What a keepsake it will be fore whoever wins the auction! Love the detail you put into the quilting. Beautifully done :)

Judy V. from Thornton, CO said...

What a nice quilt for the silent auction! The quilting is amazing; the corners really add a nice pop, too.

Dirt Road Quilter said...

Awesome!! I love it...VERY cool! I'm all about FFA and 4-H programs. I think they teach kids so many benificial life skills...hard work, team work, leadership skills, networking, volunteering...just to name a few. Well done! That'll be a great addition to the auction!

Terri said...

Nice quilt, amazing cause... or visa versa. You do great work, Girl.

Sherrill said...

Hope it raises a ton of money! My niece (and her little pig) were in FFA and my DH worked for FAA!! HAHA

Teresa in Music City said...

Great job Sue! Those kids sure look proud of it :) I know it will help raise lots of $$$ for the FFA effort. And yes, I did eat tonight .... fish (thanking the fishermen), but of course I had fries and okra with it, so thanking the farmers for sure!

Kevin the Quilter said...

This is just too cool Alycia! I love how you incorporated "FFA" and the creed! You are so talented!