Sunday, February 22, 2015

Allegiance by Janet

Janet  made this version of the Allegiance Quilt for Quilts of Valor!

I had such a fun time quilting on it - lots of circles!!

Here is the link to find the Mystery Quilt ( even though you know what it iwll look like)


Judy@Quilt Paradigm said...

This quilt is very cool! And you already know I just love that quilting design!! I've been doodling it. . . do you do a lot of marking prior to starting it? Your sizing/spacing is perfection!

Kevin the Quilter said...

What a great design, and your quilting is PERFECT for it! Congrats! I still am amazed at your blogging mojo! I can't even keep up with reading your's anymore! WOW!

Kate said...

Very bright and fun.