Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Quilts of Valor 2014 -

It is Happy Day After Veterans Day - I hope your Veterans Day was filled with lots of Thank you's.  We had quite a few presentations going on here through our state, and one was supposed to be today. Today's is cancelled due to weather. and boy - is it COLD!!  I am always the first to admit that I am a wimp - so to others it may not be.... but the temps dropped so low - my tank heaters are only defrosting a quarter of the livestock water tanks. To me... that means its cold ;-)

On to the block drive blocks received
Sheree in Colorado

Nann H in Illinios

Diann K in Denver

Aren't those great? a Few more packages came in - but , well, I didn't get home till really late last night and I left them on my sewing table.... but that's good - more inspirations for next week!

The first inspiration - a presentation. I am wandering around there some where - but I am hoping I got cut out ( tee hee)  . We invited some recipients to one of our sew ins and it was awesome!!

Everyone got to be involved - and there was a standing ovation.
One of the coolest parts to me - was watching these veterans interact after the presentation.

So  Quilt!! Inspirations!!   The lovely quilt was made by Vicki Welsh

This is another one by Vicki!
Two things - this is a free pattern - it is called allegiance - the link is in my header.

Secondly - this is the back - 
Vicki HAND DYED it!!  

This summer I was invited to speak at the Araphoe County Quilters in Denver - they are SO awesome.   They were a great guild and so fun - BUT!!! Then they decided to get involved!

Spinning Stars
Made by Linda S -
Arapahoe County Quilters

What an amazing guild!! Kathy - their guild president called and said - we had a sew day - we have a few things for you. And I met her, and tied my kids to the top of the car!

HOLEE COW - did they get to quilting!!
Made by Arapahoe County Quilters

I decided to take it one bag at a time - so you may have seen some of the quilts they already contributed !

The one above is called Uncle Sam ( appropriate!!)
It was made by Kay - but Kay didn't stop there!

She also made the one below.
It is called Patriotic Patchwork

I believe this one was also made by Kay - I made a note, I just can't read it!
I love this setting!!

The next quilt was made by Kay and it is called Stars and Bars
A long time ago I designed one and made a pdf copy of my pattern
It is not pretty - but here it is

And then we come to Ms Carolyn!!
She is in PA - and she works very hard on a farm with her kids
Yet she still found some time to make some Quilts of Valor

 All Three of these ( the one above and the two below)
Came from Carolyn

So beautiful!
Let's have one more smile to cap off today's show shall we?
I LOVE it when the families get involved !

Thank you again for all your support and your encouragements.

PS - you have asked where the pattern for a whole quilt out of the blocks is?


Andee said...

All look fab as always! :)

Kevin the Quilter said...

Wonderful presentations, and beautiful inspiration!

Kate said...

So many fun and beautiful quilts. Thanks for sharing them, and the smiles.

Kat Scribner said...

Another great show, Alycia. I especially like the one with squares and 4-patches. i love the flow of r/w/b- nicely balanced.

Karen said...

Beautiful quilts. I am a little slow in mailing my blocks to you. They will be in the mail on Monday.