Friday, March 08, 2013

Even More Blocks

I think .... that I am caught up with all the blocks that have come is as of last night..... maybe....

Yesterday was a very trying day for me, and it was really really relaxing to sort thru the blocks, and to see all the various fabrics. THE. BEST. THERAPY. EVER.......

So ... here we go....

The first 6 blocks come from Shari in AZ.... and just so you know  - this was not ALL that was in her box, I just went through and pulled out the blocks... I'll show you the others next week ;-)

 This pile....50!!! 50 blocks are in there - Oh My - from Peg B in OH - wow!!!

here are 12 from Jackie in NJ Check out the watermelon!! Doesn't that make you think of summer? 
All except that we hear a blizzard is on our way ( bring it on!)

We have 10 blocks!!

These next 16 blocks came from Spokane WA - 
The envelope was unlabeled, and even opened - so there might have been a letter in there,
just not by the time it came to me. 
And so you know - it was not open due to the Post Office, the envelope had never been sealed at all.....
so If its you - email me and claim it ;-)

From Judy in Denver - 20 Beautifully plaid blocks - 
We are going to have the best variation of quilt tops!!

From Claire in NV.... Look what accidentally jumped in that box with her 42 (YES!!! 42) Blocks!! 

And from Judy D in AZ
7 beautiful blocks!

These 7 come from Cindy in NC 
After having 2 sons deploy - she and her husband started a care package program,
and now - she is contributing to us!! 

These 10 blocks come from TLC in OH

And the last 21 blocks for today - 
come from Edith in NY
You all have a quilty day!! 

By the Way - I will get the mail tomorrow at noon,
Finish the Pics
and do the drawing on Sunday for the Hand Dyes from Vicki Welsh
So come back Sunday night to see the winners!!!


Kevin the Quilter said...

Holy Moly! You are gonna get a ton of tops out of this block drive! Awesome work!

Anonymous said...

Just telling my son that we should make a few blocks for you too! I know we are too late for the draw but I will see if we get our act together or not. I am sure I have some red, white and blue fabric in my scrap pile. Haven't sewn anything for ages and this might be therapeutic!
Denise in Canada

Anonymous said...

Put the word out when you are ready for another block drive.

phxquilt said...

Another lovely show! Your sewer buddies are going to be very busy!

Jill said...

WOW!!! What an awesome variety. Lucky you to have such happy mail to open and look through! I cannot wait to see the quilts you make with these.