Thursday, September 06, 2012

Roping Steers

Now - I know that this is not anywhere quilt related, I do... but there is another side to my life that includes critters, taking care of critters, and training critters....

Due to drought and dry pastures, we have no green grass left at all - so we decided to put our roping steers into the pen, and build them an alleyway to the arena. This way they would have plenty of room to roam around, however - they would not be eating on our dead pastures.

"What choo talking about?"

Two days ago I happened to look out and saw a bunch of these critters heading north... North is not always so good - we have a highway bordering our place on the north. And then it dawned on me - they shouldn't have been heading at all... they should have been in the arena. I first blamed the oil guys - they are well known for not closing gates, gathered my children and off we headed to bring them back to the civilization that is theirs.

Funny thing - a gate was left open - out to the highway - most likely by an oil guy, as we never use that gate.... but along the way it dawned on me - that the oil man wouldn't have been near the arena, and if he had been the dogs would have warned me....  *sigh*

This means the buggers escaped on their own !!

We were successful at getting our stray roping steers back to their pens. ( note to readers: I call everything cow - and I am constantly reprimanded, but after 18 years of this, I think I may not be changeable, so if you see cow in the post - please make that steer!)

I thought I had the arena fences fixed where they used there horns to escape. Mind you - that meant I told Wrangler Man to go fix it - I am good at delegating that way!

Yesterday - my dogs were going wild!! I headed out to see what the problem was, praying it was not a snake....  it was not a snake - it was roping steers by our POOL!!  \

Excuse me?  First you want to take a road trip - and now you want my Pool - I. Think. Not!

again - I gathered my children and we raised our hands, and hollered at them, and moved them back out to the arena and tied the fencing together so good - no one was getting out. I wish I had taken my camera - cuz we looked gooood... short, boots, and sticks... Stylin'

Today as one child was walking out the door I heard:
"alright guys stay in today, momma's losing her patience with you, and she's a crack shot... you are warned... "

And I cracked up!!
And then I took a photo of the last steer that dared to double cross me and showed it to them!!

Any guesses as to how long they will stay in this time?


Jan Mac said...

I can sure relate to this post. Cows/steers can sure make a mess when they escape. I love your DH's sense of humour too. I hope they stay in their yard now and that your drought breaks soon.

Pat R. said...

I know just what you are dealing with....and those Corrientes can be escape artists, for sure!! I hope you can keep the rascals in and find some other way to enjoy your time!!

Judy Laquidara said...

That's hilarious! I sure hope they stayed in.

Dirt Road Quilter said...

LOL. Their roping steers. We raise them. They have minds of their own. I didn't know y'all were still that dry too. Still no break here either. It's going to be a rough winter with no grass. Praying for rain for both of us.

Missy Shay said...

What an adventure!

Terri said...

I'm guessing 2 days. After that I get stir crazy, too.

Gypsy Quilter said...

Loose beef fresh on the hoof. Hmmm, better watch out for rustlers. Hamburger is getting pretty expensive at the market these days.

Kate said...

So far so good?