Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Wed's Quilt show

I have had such a blast taking pictures of these quilts!! I hope you enjoy seeing them!! I love to be able to examine the quilt, and then when it is presented, watch the reciepient do the same thing!!!

These first two are still tops - made by Lori M and her mom Dona.  Both are great!! But I love the one with the white blocks - it made me think of all sorts of great quilting that could be done in them!!

This quilt was made by Betty F in Denver, and Quilted by Kathy F also of Denver. Lovely!!

The next three quilts were made by Paula
All three of them were quilted by Judith in UT

I believe these ladies make a great team!!

And check out this border - LOVE!!   Paula thanks for meeting up with me to get these to our veterans!!! 

The next four quilts are from the Amelia Island Quilt Guild. They are a quite prolific quilt guild!

These 4 quilts are not all - this was just one of the boxes... You'll have to come back to see more!!

Thank you all for sending these Quilts of Valor this way! 
They are sure appreciated and loved by our Veterans!!


Impera_Magna said...

Beautiful... so beautiful! Someones are going to be very pleased with their new quilts!

Nancy said...

Lots of inspiration in this group of quilts. Great job, everyone!

phxquilt said...

I especially love the string quilts! I know that all of them will find a welcoming home with a great veteran.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I just finally am seeing our tops online :) can't wait to see them quilted. We almost have 2 more ready to send :)