Thursday, June 30, 2011

Presentations of Quilts of Valor

I had the honor of presenting 3 Quilts of Valor to some outstanding Vets the other day. We had  Desert Storn, and Iraq and a Vietnam Vet present. They were just so cool.... And were so excited to recieve these quilts.

The couple in this last photo had an 18 month old girl and she wanted to snuggle in that quilt so badly.. it was adorable.

Hope you enjoy seeing where some of these quilts go!


Elaine Adair said...

Yes, I DO enjoy seeing who received them. 8-)))

Nancy said...

I like to see the smiles of the recipients, too, Keep those photos coming.

Anonymous said...

More great smiles! Such a good feelings for them and for us. You are doing such good things. Keep it up.

Shari in AZ

Impera_Magna said...


Thanks for sharing these photos with us... makes me smile and tear up at the same time!

*reaching for a tissue*

Carol said...

It's a wonderful thing you're doing -- thanks so much for sharing the photos!

Jackie Dudek said...

Pretty special day!!!!!