Monday, May 26, 2008

Soldiers examining their Quilts

I thought is was wonderful to just watch the reactions of the soldiers as they received their quilts. None of them were in a hurry to rush off, they all just enjoyed sitting there.
Now the soldier on the far right end who has his hands folded in his lap?
He is the shy soldier I told you about earlier and it took a little bit of cajoling to get him to open his quilt up. At first I was really worried that he accidentally got a pink one, or one he didn't like. So I was concerned and was going to fix that of course. Turns out he was just shy in front of the men. Then he noticed no one was even paying attention to him and he dug in to his bag!
Memorial Day is a great day to spend time remembering these fallen, and injured heroes. To me it is also a great day to remember past heroes - My Great Uncle who was at Pearl Harbor when it was attacked, My Husbands Great Uncle who was a Tail Gunner in WWII, My Dearest friend ( who I call my Uncle) a Vietnam Vet, another dear friend from WWII - it is these greats who helped make our country what it is, and give us the freedoms that we have. For that I am extremely grateful. And I think that making a quilt or two is the least I can do to show my gratitude.
Many of you have asked when our next Quilt of Valor delivery will be. One is Definitely scheduled for May of 09. This gives the school children the whole school year to work on quilts. But we are also thinking we may try to schedule one for Sept/Oct time for the ones the kids will have done, and for all the summer sewing group quilts to be delivered. If you are interested in helping us - I would be glad for all the help. Whether it is a finished quilt, or a quilt top that needs quilting, ( and if you have backing for the top that would be icing on the cake) we would be happy to take it, and get it to a deserving soldier.
Have a great Memorial Day!


Jeanne said...

Thanks for sharing the photos! You do good work.

Paul Sears said...

That is such a wonderful thing, three cheers to you for supporting the troops!