Saturday, May 24, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

I am still remembering our delivery of Quilts of Valor to the soldiers.

I had a group of young men in the 5th grade who volunteered to work with the wildlife fabric. They made a quilt and called it Natures Way. Natures Way was able to go to MQX ( and be displayed in the QOV booth. C was one of the young men in the group so he presented the quilt to SGT R.


This soldier I only got to talk to for a little bit. He was a unit leader and had 18 soldiers in his unit. I know he was glad to be on US soil.


We tried to get photo albums with each of the quilts, describing the making of the quilts, the quilting of the quilts, and who worked on them. There were also some letters from the students who helped make each quilt. I can not tell you what a hit they were. All of the soldiers and spouses were so tickled to look thru the albums.

This bottom picture is of our high school CFS teacher and the soldier. This is the second year that the CFS has been involved and what a great help they are!

~ I am not sure if I mentioned it - but when we were leaving the base Chaplain took me aside and said, Do you think you can bring 100 next time you come? Gulp - well we will try our best. Apparently these quilts are quite important?? But we all knew that quilts were important didn't we?

Have a great Memorial Day weekend! I am prepping more fabric into quilt kits for a sew day in a few weeks... for more Quilts of Valor!


Suzanne Earley said...

100 next time? Wow.

When will you go back?

I'll start sewing.

Vicki W said...

When is your next delivery?

kate said...

When is the next time? DO they have to be red/white/blue? And how large do you want them?

Kathy in WI said...

I too would like to know when you are going back. Is there a certain size you are looking for? Would 50x 50 and up to twin sized be ok?

Thanks for all you do.